Website Content—People and SEO Optimized

People come first. Google might suggest, however people choose. Usually in mere seconds.1They determine whether you are offering what they are looking for.

This web writing service recognizes that great content is like conjoined twins. Google is one twin and your visitor is the other. If you try to separate either, your website disappears into search oblivion.

Search Engine Optimization requires more than keywords.

  • I must deliver important and interesting customer-centric information.
  • I must include your keywords sparingly.
  • I must focus each page specifically.
  • I must use clear, well-written English.
  • I must give you content worth reading!

What Type of Website Content Do You Need?

Page Content

Certain pages are essential on a website, no matter what you are promoting. The Home page, About page and Contact page.

If you offer a service, you’ll need at least one ‘Services’ page.

If you sell products, you’ll need a product description page for each product and a shopping cart enabled site.

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Landing Pages/Sales Pages/Squeeze Pages

Yes, every page on your site has the potential to be an entry page, yet landing pages are written to promote the sale of a product or service.

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Blog/Article Content

Blogs and articles have the potential to boost your organic search traffic more effectively than any other strategy. They also have significant potential to hurt your SEO efforts.

Poorly written content that repeats what’s out there already isn’t going to cut it with Google. You must publish well-written, targeted and interesting content.

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1How Long Do Users Stay on Web Pages? by Jakob Nielsen sums it up in this way.

Users often leave Web pages in 10-20 seconds, but pages with a clear value proposition can hold people’s attention for much longer…”