Medical Industry Article Examples

Medical Industry Article Examples

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Many women want to maintain an active lifestyle during pregnancy. As a physical therapist you are in just the right place to provide a valuable service throughout the childbearing year. Here are some of the things that you must focus on as you work with pregnant women to assure the safety of both mother and baby.

Developing and Marketing Programs for the Childbearing Year

By developing specific programs for each phase of the childbearing year, you can enhance your physical therapy practice. Pelvic floor modalities, manual therapies, natural birth preparation and postpartum recovery programs offer women tools for managing pregnancy, childbirth and after birth.

As you develop each program, certain factors must be evaluated. Mild exercises that strengthen the stomach, back and pelvic region have been recognized as safe for decades. The real questions revolve around just how active can a woman be without causing harm to the fetus.

Contraindications to Exercise

There are some situations where exercise is contraindicated completely:

  • When severe cardiovascular, respiratory or systemic disease exists
  • When hypertension and diabetes are uncontrolled, or thyroid disease is present
  • When persistent bleeding occurs after the first trimester
  • When the cervix is incompetent
  • When pre-eclampsia or toxemia is detected
  • When the baby isn’t growing properly

Other situations require careful monitoring by you as a physical therapist, and evaluation when you design an exercise program.

  • Nurse & Baby for ArticleGestational diabetes risk is reduced by a routine exercise program that activates the muscle groups, especially the large leg muscles. As glycogen stores are used, glucose is pulled from the bloodstream. Insulin dependent diabetes demands very careful monitoring to protect the health of both mother and baby.
  • A history of palpitations or arrhythmias must be considered in designing an exercise program.
  • If a baby is in the breech presentation after 28 weeks, exercise may be contraindicated.
  • If a mother is struggling with anemia or iron deficiency, exercise may be contraindicated because the low red blood cell volume may not transfer adequate oxygen to the fetus.
  • The level of physical fitness prior to pregnancy must be considered before prescribing an exercise plan. The less active before pregnancy, the less vigorous an exercise plan can be.

Benefits to Exercise

The benefits to exercise are significant. Women who exercise maintain healthy body weights during their pregnancy instead of putting on excess fat deposits. They complain less about back pain, a common complaint of pregnancy. They also maintain muscle which may be one of the reasons that active women find labor easier and recovery after birth less complicated.

Better coordination and balance seem to be connected with exercise throughout pregnancy. This reduces the risk of strains or falls.

Exercise reduces the risk of developing gestational diabetes as well as being an effective treatment for the condition. It is also possible that pregnancy related hypertension and pre-eclampsia risk is lower among women who exercise regularly.

Probably one of the greatest benefits of exercise is the psychological boost to a woman’s mental outlook it gives. Depression and anxiety decrease while feelings of self-esteem rise. Exercise helps to enhance a positive body image.

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